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Cloud Services

Cloud hosting services in Las Vegas – for a business that does not believe in limits.

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Using cloud hosting allows you to empower your employees and give them the tools to not just run your business, but grow your business. Cloud based applications give your employees to take your company to the customer. Instead of being limited to working from within the office, they can work form wherever needed. They can go on-site, they can be at home, and nothing will impede their progress. Your business will keep on running like a well-oiled machine through the cloud, powered by some of the most powerful servers and software possible.

Cutting Costs

Sure, the idea of being able to see your investment sounds good in theory, but it comes with a hefty price tag. You have to find space for your servers and data storage, purchase the necessary materials and invest in administrative staff and tools to monitor and manage your resources. According to Gartner, companies routinely spend up to 75% of their IT budgets on maintaining existing infrastructure.

With the cloud based model, many of these costs are rolled into one periodic subscription, greatly reducing overhead costs, as well as the complexity of your organization.


Yes, your business may be confined to a physical location, but how often do you print out documents to pass around to colleagues to get their input and feedback? Almost never! Cloud computing offers employees and business owners the opportunity to access common data and documents from any location, or device. So any updates, edits or comments can be made in real time, in a manner that’s visible to every department.

Cloud computing encourages team members to collaborate and share like never before, and your business functions feel the benefit.

Innovate and Update

Obsolescence is a constant danger when it comes to hardware or software, you might have only just purchased the latest and greatest technology, but a replacement will be on its way within a couple of months. Upgrading on-premises technology is expensive and time-intensive, requiring resources beyond the reach of many small businesses.

With cloud infrastructure, platforms, and software your service provider is constantly monitoring your applications, rolling out updated versions on a constant basis. You don’t experience any downtime or delays and the user experience improves, pretty great.


With physical software and hardware, your business needs to plan for expansion or restructuring in advance, by investing in additional licenses and storage options. Even if necessary precautions have been taken implementation can take months, as resources are shifted around to accommodate new requirements.

Our cloud computing services in Las Vegas are flexible by nature, with service providers offering software and hosting based on your budget and capacity. Cloud architecture is designed for fast implementation, adjustable computing power and elastic data storage to reflect business requirements. The cloud allows businesses to build their infrastructure based on what works best without the limitation of current hardware or financial constraints.

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